Turducken Had It’s Moment. This Year, Behold, Franksgiving

From existential pie to a very enthusiastic deep-fryer, these are the weirdest Thanksgiving-themed crowdfunding campaigns.

It’s that time of year again, when families reunite around one big table to share a gigantic meal of turkey, stuffing, sweet potato pie and… well, everyone disagrees with the “proper” makeup of a Thanksgiving feast.

Fortunately for you, crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are here to help: There are almost countless requests to help send family members home, create positive Thanksgiving experiences at homeless shelters and other similarly inspiring stories. But for every page that gives you the warm-fuzzies, there’s another that’s downright strange. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the kookiest campaigns, as cobbled together by Betabeat (along with one of our own):

bizarre crowdfunding campaignFind the best Pumpkin Pie recipe. Seems pretty innocuous, right? A guy wants to crowdsource the best pumpkin pie out there, and reward investors by sharing the winning recipe. That is, until you read the description. “‘ll be honest, I have missed out on a lot of opportunities to try different things,” it reads. “I do not have any experience making pie, any ingredients, or even a good pie pan to cook in. That is why I need your help because I would really like to try making a Pumpkin Pie.” At the moment, the poor guy only has a single backer and is $55 short of his $60 goal. But how can you say ‘no’ when the reward for pledging $1 is a name-drop at the man’s Thanksgiving table?

bizarre crowdfunding campaignEli wanted Pumpkin Rolls for Thanksgiving. This one’s similar, but with a twist. A kid wants his favorite dessert, and his mother only wants to make him happy. Check out the page and you’ll see a four-second video clip of a small child we can only assume is Eli doing something we can only assume is dancing. For $25, you can help Eli out and obtain a copy of the famed pumpkin roll recipe. Unfortunately, it seems Eli is going to be disappointed on November 27. The project expired at the beginning of the month, $25 short of its $50 goal (yes, that means a single person showed some charitable spirit).

bizarre crowdfunding campaignThanksgiving Pizza. You’re already salivating, we know. “Help us make a Thanksgiving Pizza,” the creator begs. “We’ll top it with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and gravy.” The project runs to the Saturday after Thanksgiving and currently has a single backer (noticing a trend here?) donating $10 toward the ultimate $20 goal. We fully expect more to come, however. How can anyone be disappointed with the promise of a Thanksgiving slice for only $3?

bizarre crowdfunding campaignDeep frying the greatest turkey in history. Maybe this Indiegogo project hasn’t raised a single dollar because the title is a little misleading. “I just wanna deep fry a ton of turkeys to give out between thanksgiving [sic] and Christmas,” the entire description reads. Note: turkeys with an s. This man doesn’t want to fry himself the greatest turkey in history, he wants to give mountains of deep-fried turkeys to the masses. This is charity at its finest. Perhaps his campaign might also be more successful if the turkeys in his featured image weren’t staring quite so judgmentally at the viewer.

bizarre crowdfunding campaignFranksgiving: A short film. Well, if you’re not after food, you might as well try to make a Thanksgiving version of The Big Lebowski. Here’s the synopsis: “Franksgiving is a short comedy about Frank Ovitchovic, a bowling legend known for his ability to throw strikes and dominate the local Thanksgiving bowling-for-turkeys contest. When a bout of bad luck befalls him, Frank has to get creative to save the day and silence the insatiable appetites of his family and friends.” It’s too late to donate, however–the project was successfully funded on November 11, exceeding its $5,000 goal. Once it’s made, will it go viral? That’s up to viewers like you to decide.

Source: http://www.inc.com/cameron-albert-deitch/five-bizarre-thanksgiving-themed-crowdfunding-campaigns.html

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