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How Do I Begin Raising Money For My Startup?

How do I begin raising money for my startup?  It’s a question that many people ask themselves as they are strategizing for how to turn their vision into a reality.  You might have the best idea in the world, but

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Equity Investment Crowdfunding Impacts Capital Funding

Equity investment crowdfunding has advanced beyond a unique way to fund projects. It is now considered by many to be a viable funding method with untapped potential. It is garnering attention both from new businesses as well as from established

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Six Steps to be Ready for Equity Crowdfunding

With the recent passage of the JOBS Act making equity crowdfunding possible, there are many people eager to jump in and get started with their new ideas. What could be more exciting than matching your idea with eager investors, who

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Equity Crowdfunding: What It Is and Who Gets It

Equity is the equivalent of ownership. Crowdfunding allows people from everywhere to invest small amounts of money in a small business. The amount of ownership is delivered as shares of the business to each person who is providing funds. This

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