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Understanding the Terms: a Primer

What is a term sheet? When deciding to finance a start-up through crowdfunding, it is important to know and understand the terms of the transaction. Stocks come with a series of rights and provisions that are usually covered by a

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Why Startups Should Start With a Good Board of Directors?

An equity crowdfunding perspective. There is the myth of the “lonely wolf” entrepreneur who goes on by himself to accomplish his great vision. While this might work, recent research focusing on the initial phases of company development and early-stage survival shows that  that founding and early-stage directors can

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Stages of Venture Capital Financing

A comprehensive typology. Did you ever wonder what is the commonly used terminology relative to stages of Venture CapitalFunding? I did, and after some research, I found several ways to define those stages, and the following typology seemed most comprehensive. Early stage

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Few Reasons Why Equity Crowdfunding is Good (part one)

 From an entrepreneur/issuer perspective Let’s say you have a great business idea that you’ve been postponing for a long time, for a lot of reasons: you can’t find the time, you can’t find the team, you cannot afford to leave

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