Do you know how to invest through Reg CF? Investing decoded, infographic series.

New terminology, rules, sections and subsections – Regulation Crowdfunding might be complicated and hard to read.

We want to make investing in startups easy for you so we’ve gathered everything you need to know in a series of infographics.

What exactly is the new law and what’s in it for you
What information companies have to disclose and how to read it
Due diligence, guidelines from experienced investors
Risks and warnings, are just few of the topics that we’ll cover in the next coming weeks

Enjoy the first infographic offering an overview of the law, how and how much you can invest, return on investment, risks and how to decrease the risk.

Share with your friends and stay tuned for new interesting topics coming every week!

let us know if you would like us to cover something in particular.

Regulation Crowdfunding

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