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Fraud prevention measures

To prevent fraud, Texas State Securities Board requires all entrepreneurs raising money through truCrowd Texas to fill out the exemption notice, disclosure documents and present a summary of the offering. In few words TSSB makes sure the entrepreneur stays within

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Want free market validation?

A successful equity crowdfunding will give you sufficient market validation at an early stage.

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Meet your customers!

One of the greatest things about crowdfunding is how close it gets you to your customers, giving you a chance to engage them and field questions, complaints, feedback, and ideas. You never know—your company’s next great idea could come from

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Zero fraud!

In Australia, where equity crowdfunding has been in place for eight years, the Australian Small Scales Offering Board has had zero complaints of fraud! In the U.K., where companies have been legally raising money through crowdfunding for three years, there

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Can I resell my investment?

You can resell your shares. However, investments in crowdfunding assets should be viewed as a long-term and illiquid investment. Conforming to current stipulations, you must hold any purchased shares for a minimum of nine months from the acquisition date.  

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Walk in the park as compared to other methods

Applying for a loan or pursuing other capital investments are two of the most complicated processes that an early-stage entrepreneur has to go through. The application process for crowdfunding is much easier. You only need a business plan, to fill

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