6 Proven Tips to Run Crowdfunding Campaign Successfully

create and run a successful crowdfunding campaignIt is really a big challenge to get funds, capital and most importantly investors for your startup business because when people don’t know you, they don’t want to make investment in your projects and this is where you can use the weapon of crowdfunding campaign. However, it greatly depends upon the smart strategies you try to make your crowdfunding campaign a real success for your business. You must have a proper plan and right audience who you can present your new business venture in the most effective way and for this you need proven strategies to bring major funders on board. Here is how you can do it:

1: Have a Truly Strong Business Idea

First of everything, you must have a great business idea as this is what will grab the attention of the investors but if you are not lucky enough to have a truly strong idea, nothing can help you out of trouble. Don’t be in hurry, if you have time, invest your time in developing a powerful idea or else no crowdfunding strategies and campaigns can help you to run a successful campaign for a bad idea. Improve your brands so people can feel it is good to trust in you when it comes to make a big investment in a new business venture.

2: Share Your Ventures on Social Networks

If you are fully dependent upon crowdfunding platforms and simply waiting for the investors to come and peruse you, you may not be able to get big investors. The best option is to share your ventures on all popular networks from blogging to social media. The real secret of success of a crowdfunding campaign is to follow variety of promotional activities rather than sticking to just the few old and traditional ways. Go out to your social media networks and let the people know what you have got to offer them. Those who find interest in your ideas will hopefully welcome you.

3: Actively Engage with Your Audience

One of the major reasons behind failure of most of the Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Assignmentbox campaigns is overwhelming response from audience who want to work with you but you don’t respond them in timely manner that leads you towards failure of campaign. The experts believe that one must be fully engaged with audience. Sometimes, you post campaign update and get thousands of comments which of course requires you to spend a lot of time to respond them all. However, if you ignore engaging with those who respond you, you can’t expect desired results and therefore, you must take response as reward for you.

4: Showcase Major Advantages of Investment

Every investor wants to get the best Return on Investment (ROI) and if you can showcase the major advantages from investment, this will be really helpful in attracting investors. You need to highlight prospective for revenue and if you have some positive figures, share them with others too. Also showcase how your business venture can be beneficial for others. You need to target specific audience, for example, if you want to bring investments for an organic food factors, you will find the people who are more interested in organic foods.

5: Showcase Stretch Goals While Campaigning

You must have a well setup and fully structured reward system but you can also set stretch goals on regular basis. For example, you can claim that you will offer every investor some additional rewards if your campaign reaches to $25,000. The desire to get additional rewards make audience get involved in your campaign with higher level of passion and they will find some sense of encouragement to promote and advertise your crowdfunding campaign on all popular networks they are on.

6: Prove yourself to be a Professional

You must make sure to prove yourself to be a real professional by showing your professionalism in every activity you do throughout your crowdfunding campaign. When you are writing for videos, you must use your writing skills to create a perfect marketing pitch for your audience.  If you are missing some skills, don’t be afraid of involving others who can do something better than you do as this is what will be in the best interest of your campaign.


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