More Feel Good Crowdfunding Campaigns to Share

Crowdfunding for Cancer, Music Instruments and UT’s HornRaiser

crowdfunding campaigns for goodThe world of crowdfunding is so large and diverse we could share dozens of amazing feel good stories each month. Last November we posted our first blog on feel good crowdfunding campaigns in which we discussed crowdfunding campaigns to heat a church, provide in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and support a wolf sanctuary. There are so many instances in life where people need to accomplish a goal or need money for something basic to survive. Crowdfunding campaigns allow the public to search and support causes for friends and family and even perfect strangers and make a difference.

At truCrowd we specialize in Texas equity crowdfunding but we also acknowledge the universal power that crowdfunding has in personal lives as well. Our goal is to make the dreams of entrepreneurs and investors come true but it’s impossible to ignore the objectives that crowdfunding campaigns have accomplished. And looking back, basically all of them would have gone unfulfilled without crowdfunding.

Today we will share three more stories of how crowdfunding is changing lives and making the world a better place for cancer patients, musicians and students. Please enjoy the following feel good crowdfunding campaigns:

Crowdfunding for Cancer

When you hear stories about children being diagnosed with cancer, or any disease, it makes you want to help in any way. Phoebe Rose Doull-Hoffman was diagnosed with a rare infant leukemia in Oct. 2010 when she was just 9-weeks-old. She is now four and a half but has been battling cancer her entire life.

Phoebe’s parents, John and Jenny, have not been able to work steadily due to the constant medical trips and doctor visits. John is stone mason Jenny is a school teacher. The Ottawa family has had to seek treatment in Toronto and Memphis, Tennessee in addition to their home city.

crowdfunding for cancer Since her most recent treatments in Ottawa did not help Phoebe, she is now being treated at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis for infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Although the hospital is covering the cost of her treatment, travel and accommodation must be paid by the parents. Phoebe’s extended family has been doing all it can with fundraising initiatives and bottle drives but the costs were reaching a breaking point.

On February 16th, 2015, Phoebe’s Aunt, Vicki Hoffman, started a crowdfunding campaign to help raise money for the Phoebe. After setting a goal of $20,000, the campaign took off and not only beat the original goal in 13 days it raised a total of $27,565 from only 269 backers. The support was amazing and now gives Phoebe’s family the peace of mind of knowing they can travel and get their daughter the treatment she needs. Phoebe’s story is one of many and another prime example of strangers helping strangers through the power of crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding for Music Instruments

The next story may not have the same magnitude as Phoebe’s, but it will strike a chord with any musician or artist. Most aspiring musicians start their careers struggling on the road. They do it for experience playing live, to save up money for a demo and a host of other reasons. If the band happens to get robbed and have their equipment stolen, their dreams immediately stop and now they are thousands of dollars in debt with no way to make the money back. This conundrum is a nightmare for any band it happened to Daisy Mauterer and Brian Weikel of the bands The B.A.B.E.S and La Cucarachas.

After playing a late double bill the band felt their instruments were safe locked in their Honda CR-V overnight in Fort Collins, CO. The next morning they found the vehicle unlocked with Weikel’s Modulus bass, Mauterer’s Gibson Flying V guitar and brand new drum pedal board missing. A total of $4,500. The worst part of it all, both musicians were supposed to perform at the South by Southwest festival in Austin just weeks away.

The musicians have turned to crowdfunding and hope to raise the money they need from the music community. They are currently using borrowed instruments but hope to either raise the money for new instruments or find their stolen instruments. Stealing a musician’s instrument is taking much more than a piece of metal and strings so we hope the best for Mauterer and Weikel.

University of Texas’ HornRaiser

As a proud Texas equity crowdfunding platform we are always eager to help spread the word of our fellow Texans – especially students. Last December, The University of Texas announced its first crowdfunding platform for students – HornRaiser was live and taking pledges. The platform hosts crowdfunding campaigns for innovative extracurricular projects and can be seen here: UT HornRaiser.

HornRaiser University of Texas Students, faculty members and staffers will all be able to apply for a crowdfunding campaign. If accepted, the campaign will be operated by the university’s Annual Giving Programs team in the University Development Office. Each campaign can raise up to $20,000 and be open for 30-90 days.

Adrian Matthys, Director of Annual Giving Programs, offered this quote:

“HornRaiser allows motivated project champions to engage their networks for charitable gifts in support of their passion. This is just one more example of how The University of Texas is empowering its community to change the world, one project at a time.”

It truly is empowering to read all of these crowdfunding campaign stories and see how impactful crowdfunding has become in all facets of life. Do you have any feel good crowdfunding stories of your own to share? Please leave them in the comment section below so we can all discuss them together.

Thank you for reading and please leave your questions, comments and crowdfunding stories below!

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