How to Write Crowdfunding Campaign Content that Converts

Tips to Make Your Campaign Content Succeed

Texas crowdfunding advice content It’s safe to say that all entrepreneurs are masters at one thing.  One entrepreneur may be a tech genius, the next one a master hair stylist and the third a pit master with a Blue Ribbon sauce. No matter what field your expertise lies in, if you plan on raising capital via Texas equity crowdfunding you must be able to sell your product/company as well. All crowdfunding campaigns will involve writing content to pitch your campaign and knowing how to craft the perfect copy will definitely lead to increased investments.

Several weeks ago we shared a blog series on how to write a business plan. While the business plan is crucial to making a good impression on potential investors, the content on your crowdfunding campaign page is also very important. More often than not the average page visitor will skim the content on the page before they start getting into the details of the offer. Your crowdfunding campaign video will most likely be the first stop and then your written words will continue the message and the momentum toward the close. Some entrepreneurs may not be familiar with writing or advertising so today we will share some basic advice on how to write crowdfunding campaign content that works.


Know Your Target Audience

The key to all effective marketing is knowing what’s important to your audience. If you’re serious about succeeding you need to perform a heavy amount of research and this must include your target audience. A majority of entrepreneurs have a good understanding of their demographic and intended reader but you need to know what makes them tick. Ask yourself the following questions:

  •         – What makes them happy?
  •         – What makes them mad/upset?
  •         – What is a constant worry they need resolved?
  •         – Is my audience multicultural?
  •         – Do they like flashy or informational advertising?

Demographics vary per industry but a safe guide to use is 18-29, 30-44, 45-59 and 60+. If you have potential investors and customers in more than one demographic – great! That is a huge advantage for you and remember to write effective crowdfunding campaign content that appeals to both age groups. If you have one specific demographic, say 30-44, you need to nail down the specific, limited, and targeted content that will turn them into an investor. Pretend you are marketing the one person who is most likely to invest and talk directly to them.

Be Crystal Clear on Your Goal

The good thing about writing crowdfunding campaign content is you know what your goal is – to get the reader to pledge money. One approach is to write your call to action before you write the bulk of your campaign and adapt the copy to the goal/CTA. Your reader will immediately know what the supporting content is about crowdfunding campaign advice and it will reassure that investing is a great idea. Others may choose to write the body of the campaign first and the CTA after, but whatever route you choose make sure the end product is the same.

One important rule you must remember – any content that sidetracks the reader must be deleted. Erased. Forgotten. This is not the time for a funny story or any other secondary information. Your primary objective is for them to click the “Pledge” button and every word of content must encourage this action. Be crystal clear on your goal and your readers will get the picture.

Use Social Media to Research and Test

Unlike contemporary online marketing, you can’t do any A/B testing to see how one pitch performs against another. However, if you have been active on social media or have a large group of followers, you have a perfect opportunity to see what your audience reacts to. And the best part about it – social media is free!

If you have been active for a long time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., do some research on your posts. Go back to the very first post on each platform and mark down how many likes, shares and comments you received for each one. This is a very easy way to see what type of content gets a reaction out of your audience and what doesn’t. Take note of what they like and don’t like and write your content (and use imagery) accordingly.

As for your current social media, strategize a two-tiered approach for a set period of time. Let’s say two weeks on Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter you can be informative and to the point. On Facebook you can be persuasive and witty. Chances are you will have similar followers for both platforms so after two weeks you will have a pure representation of what type of language your audience prefers. And once again, you have the research you need to start your crowdfunding campaign content.

You don’t have to be a marketing whiz to write the ideal content for your Texas equity crowdfunding campaign. Tech geniuses, hair stylists and pit masters are experts in their own field and that is also why they need to be the author. It would be wise to have someone look over your crowdfunding campaign content if you aren’t confident in your abilities, but nobody knows your company like you. The readers will feel the passion in the content and it absolutely does make a difference in their decision to pledge or not. The advice on this page and the passion in your words will give your campaign the professionalism and personality it needs to succeed. Good luck and please contact us with any questions.

Thank you for reading and please leave your questions and comments below!

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