How Did the Flow™ Beehive Raise Over $5.66M with Crowdfunding?

$70,000 Target Reached in 10 Minutes – $2.1M by End of First Day

*For the record, the $5.66M mentioned in the title represents the total as of Wednesday, March 11th at 1:00 p.m. CST. 17 days after the campaign was launched.

crowdfunding campaign successAt truCrowd Texas we truly enjoy sharing the latest and greatest crowdfunding news with our readers. We constantly research topics such as startup trends to watch in 2015 and hot crowdfunding markets, and when we find something worthy of sharing, you will find it here. A couple of weeks ago we covered a story on the Pebble Time watch that raised $5.5M in six hours. The timeline of that product’s crowdfunding campaign is mind-blowing but this may shock you even more: as of today, the 3/11, Pebble Time has raised $17.8M on a $500,000 goal with 16 more days to go.

Wearable tech is a sizzling market and its appeal reaches several diverse demographics. Beehives, however, don’t have the same mass appeal. In fact, most people are afraid of bees so the thought of placing a box in their backyard that attracts and houses bees isn’t ideal. Leave it to crowdfunding to prove us all wrong!

The Flow beehive delivers honey on tap directly from a beehive. Before you get the wrong idea of running away from a swarm of bees every time to fill up, continue reading. The story of Flow is incredible and $5.66M in 17 days cannot be a fluke – it is an amazing product and was marketed properly. Marketing a modern, cool tech watch isn’t hard. It sells itself. Raising capital for a beehive project is a little different so we’ll break down everything that father-and-son team Stuart and Cedar Anderson have done really well so far

Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing

We all know how influential social media can be. Getting the word out on social media before the campaign launches will build a following who are waiting to pledge the minute your campaign is open. And as this Yahoo article on the Flow beehive reports, Cedar Anderson has his friends and family to thank.

The article states that a friend of Cedar’s convinced him to join Facebook about a month ago to promote Flow. Also, his sister made some videos for Flow and a friend built the product’s website. By utilizing social media and his family and friends, Anderson admits it helped the campaign tremendously. “We (had) a lot of friends of family who helped us by spreading the word. People think that we had a huge promotional budget behind us, but we just did it all ourselves. Local media coverage went viral, and before we knew it, the whole world was taking a much greater interest than we thought possible.”

This is a prime example of what can happen when crowdfunding campaign marketing is executed properly. Get family and friends to help any way they can whether it’s making videos, websites or spreading the word to friends. Use social media well before the campaign launches and reach out to local media for coverage, too. Who knows, you might go viral like Flow. Either way, the word will be out and you have set yourself up for success.

Crowdfunding Campaign Video

crowdfunding campaign videoUpon visiting the Flow beehive crowdfunding campaign page you will first notice the crowdfunding campaign video front and center. This is the best way to showcase your product/company because all the visitor has to do is click the play arrow and watch.  We have stressed the importance of campaign videos time and time again and the video you will see here is almost perfect. It is shot with top quality cameras/film, edited to present itself as a story and is filled with facts, benefits and an explanation of how it works. The added bonus that gives their product undeniable clout are the numerous testimonies from beekeepers around the world. The Flow crowdfunding video is expertly crafted and a main reason they have raised over 8000% of their original funding target so far.

Crowdfunding Campaign Facts and Benefits

If you scroll down their crowdfunding page it’s impossible to ignore the positivity around their product. And that’s a good thing. The Anderson’s start with a catalog of networks and news outlets that have covered their story and the list is quite impressive. If there’s ever a time to namedrop, your crowdfunding campaign is the right time.

Next you will see a list describing how harvesting honey used to be a labor of love. They detail the long, arduous process from suiting up and sedating the bees to filtering out the wax, dead bees and cleaning up the mess. Then they go right into why the Flow beehive does not require any of this and does the work for you. So in review – they list out all of the negatives of traditional bee hiving and counter with how Flow eliminates these issues. Bullseye.

Next you will find step-by-step illustrations on how the Flow process works, the types of Flow model options available, more benefits, possible risks and challenges and a lengthy Q&A. An important factor in closing a pledge is leaving no stone unturned. By leaving no doubt in the investor’s mind they will be 100% confident in pledging money. Any lingering question will only keep them hesitant and uneasy. Predict what questions your investors will have and provide the answers in your campaign.

As you can imagine, Flow set some records on Indiegogo including the Most Funds Raised in One Day ($2.1M) and The Largest International Campaign Ever (on Indiegogo). It is always wise to pattern your actions after those who have succeeded before you, and judging by the success of Flow so far, they are a prime example for everyone.

Thank you for reading and please leave your questions and comments below!

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