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Famous Entrepreneur Quotes that Apply to Equity Crowdfunding

Inspiring and Practical Tips from Entrepreneur At truCrowd we are always looking to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs. Inspiration can come from many sources, but advice from legends in your field will always do the trick. There are so many remarkable

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Entrepreneur Secrets to Success

Tips and Advice from Successful Entrepreneurs Are you thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? Have you already started down the path of entrepreneurship? No matter what stage you are currently in, tips and advice from millionaires, billionaires and CEO’s should always

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5 Myths of Equity Crowdfunding Debunked

Our Take on a Recent Forbes Equity Crowdfunding Article Equity crowdfunding is starting to take over the U.S. state by state. Although it is not legal on a federal level, intrastate crowdfunding, like we have here in Texas, is either

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Restaurant Crowdfunding Success Stories

Three Very Different Yet Successful Restaurant Campaigns Opening a restaurant, like any business, is not a decision to take lightly. You have to factor in location, competition and what is going to make your restaurant a winner. Franchising a chain

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Intrastate Crowdfunding Update: Colorado, Florida and Illinois

Equity Crowdfunding News for The Centennial State, The Sunshine State and The Prairie State Hello everyone and welcome to our latest intrastate crowdfunding update. A lot has happened over the past several weeks including our very own registration as a

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How Did the Flow™ Beehive Raise Over $5.66M with Crowdfunding?

$70,000 Target Reached in 10 Minutes – $2.1M by End of First Day *For the record, the $5.66M mentioned in the title represents the total as of Wednesday, March 11th at 1:00 p.m. CST. 17 days after the campaign was

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How to Write Crowdfunding Campaign Content that Converts

Tips to Make Your Campaign Content Succeed It’s safe to say that all entrepreneurs are masters at one thing.  One entrepreneur may be a tech genius, the next one a master hair stylist and the third a pit master with

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Types of Funding to Raise with Texas Intrastate Crowdfunding

Seed Capital, Startup Capital, Expansion Capital and MoreSome people believe that equity crowdfunding and Texas intrastate crowdfunding were invented specifically for startups. This belief is certainly not 100% true, equity crowdfunding is for companies of all ages, but there is

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Why Texas Intrastate Crowdfunding is Perfect for Small Businesses

Start and Expand Your Business with Equity Crowdfunding If you need a bigger grill for your smokehouse or want to add a second location to your coffee shop, you don’t need the help of a venture capitalist. And to be

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More Feel Good Crowdfunding Campaigns to Share

Crowdfunding for Cancer, Music Instruments and UT’s HornRaiser The world of crowdfunding is so large and diverse we could share dozens of amazing feel good stories each month. Last November we posted our first blog on feel good crowdfunding campaigns in which

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