Weird and Awesome Crowdfunding Campaigns That Got Funded

Weird, Awesome or Both – You Be the Judge

crowdfunding +poolWhen it comes to weird and awesome crowdfunding campaigns, they are usually only good for a laugh. These campaigns are fun to glance over for a few seconds but then you think, “How do they expect to raise $20,000?” Not all crowdfunding campaigns are meant to succeed – the beauty of crowdfunding is anyone can post a campaign and it’s up to the crowd to decide who gets funded. It provides every aspiring entrepreneur with a shot at raising capital they would otherwise have no access to.

So a month later you remember that weird crowdfunding campaign and decide to see how poor it’s doing. Except it is not doing poorly at all – it’s kicking butt – like 300% over its funding goal kicking butt. The truth is the crowd may have a different opinion than you. There may be a better phrase to describe this scenario, but I believe, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” aptly suits what happens here. What you think is ridiculous could be the answer to somebody’s problem. What you think is a great idea might be a joke to another investor. Crowdfunding is a wide open playing field and we found three weird and awesome crowdfunding campaigns to help expand on this topic.

Oh yeah – and did we mention all three of these awesome and weird crowdfunding campaigns were funded? One of them shattered their funding goal by 3800%.



bug a salt shotgunGoal: $15,000

Raised: $577,636

Have you ever been annoyed by a buzzing fly to the point you stopped everything you were doing to kill it? You wait until it lands, slowly grab something to smack it with, and even with (what you think is) a precise SWAP of the newspaper/whatever it mockingly flies away unharmed. Only to continue annoying you. Well, for $39.95 you can eliminate this pesky pest once and for all.

Bug-A-Salt, which must be praised for its ingenious play on words, it a miniature shotgun that can kill flies and any other insect within a 3-foot range. How? With a simple blast of table salt. After “loading” the gun by pouring everyday table salt in it, you pump the handle, flip the safety off and take aim. Here is a direct link to how the gun works.

Lorenzo Maggiore, the creator of Bug-A-Salt, set an original and modest funding goal of $15,000 to make a small run of his gun. Much to his surprise, crowdfunding investors loved his product ended up buying over 21,000 units. Overall he raised $577,636. Maggiore wasn’t ready to handle such a demand so he hired a team to grow his business and fulfill orders. In our opinion, this product earns an undeniable title of Awesome and Bug-A-Salt may be getting another order very soon.


+poolGoal: $250,000

Raised: $273,114

Any New Yorker or Seinfeld fan remembers the episode where Kramer gets his exercise by swimming in the East River. The thought of taking a leisurely swim in polluted waters anywhere makes your skin crawl, but just think of the view and experience if the water was filtered. How great would it be to swim, relax and enjoy a hot sunny day staring at the skyline from the middle of the river? +POOL has taken this dream and made it reality, and by summer 2016 you may have a chance to live it.

Built in a + shape, making it another clever company name worthy of praise, the +POOL is designed as four pools in one: a lounge pool, a lap pool, a sports pool and a kid’s pool. All four can be used independently or two of them can used length-wise as Olympic-length lap pool. When opened completely, it creates 9,000 square feet of open pool.

Sanitation is obviously a main concern and the creators of +POOL are all over it. They describe their filtration system as “a giant strainer dropped into the river.” The pool filters river water within its walls and removes bacteria, contaminants and odors. What’s left is safe and swimmable water that meets local and state standards. The team spent six weeks testing different filtration materials on a pier in the East River and have been educated on enterococci and fecal coliform from professors at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. The company states it has a long road of obtaining city and state approvals ahead, but hopes to be open for business next summer.

We wrote about a similar project back in June, Breakwater Chicago, and think each are equally Awesome in their own right.

Remee Daydreaming Mask

remee sleep maskGoal: $35,000

Raised: $572.891

When it comes to creating a successful product, you want to think of something everyone does or needs. Everyone sleeps, right? I mean every single human being sleeps. All 9+ billion of us. What if there was a way to control your dreams? Studies and theories about our dreams date back thousands of years, but do we really know why we dream and what they mean? If we are going to be asleep 6-8 hours a night, why not be in control of what we dream about?

The Remee Sleep Mask was designed to do just that – achieve lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the ability to consciously alter the content and control the narrative of your dreams. The Remee Sleep Mask uses low profile electronics to flash customizable light patterns that your dreaming mind can recognize and then allow you to take control.  The mask’s flexible circuit is protected by a 2-ply foam shell that includes a durable inner layer and a cushioning soft foam outer layer. The sleep mask itself is a breathable fabric with a soft knit rear material so it won’t bother you as you are calling the shots in your dreams.

Due to the odd nature of the product and its unverified performance, we have to lean towards Weird on this one. This may change, however. If the Remee Sleep Mask works and we can all control our dreams to travel back in our past or fly around skyscrapers of the future, its title will immediately be flipped to Awesome. Until then, our verdict stands and we will continue to have random, uncontrolled dreams.

Have you come across any awesome or weird crowdfunding campaigns during your own browsing sessions? Let us know by writing a brief intro and pasting the link(s) in the comment section.

Thank you for reading and leave your own stories below!


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