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startup tools and software Starting a business from scratch is no easy task. When you start a job as a new hire, all of the particulars are in place and waiting for you. When you’re an entrepreneur, you are the one responsible for all the marketing tools, team collaboration software, payroll and payment distribution, domain space, the list goes on and on. Lucky for you it’s 2015 and there are a ton of apps and software available to help accomplish these tasks relatively easy. Could you imagine doing this 20 years ago?

Not every business will require the same secondary apps and software, but every company must cover their basic necessities. The best way to accomplish this feat is sit down and assess what you actually need now and what can wait until you get more funding. As an equity crowdfunding startup you can easily add your secondary startup software needs to your first round of capital.

Entrepreneur magazine published an article on the best software tools to run a startup which features three questions every entrepreneur should ask himself/herself when choosing software startup tools. As you browse and make your initial list, run these through your head before they make the first cut:

1. Does it meet our business needs? Don’t get more than you need. With the profusion of products, it’s easy to pick up a case of “tool-itus.” Keep tools to an absolute minimum to avoid death by a thousand pinpricks.

2. Does it save money and time? We generally think about using software tools in terms of time saved. If we are spending a lot of time working admin on a no-cost tool is that time really worth its “free cost?” It’s important to manage expenses, but ultimately, you have to grow the top line — and spending a little cash on a better tool may be worth it in the long run.

3. Does it make employees’ jobs easier? Software tools are only as good as an employee’s adherence to using it. If they don’t use, or feel resentful using it, then it’s both hurting productivity and morale.

Now that you have these preliminary rulings in your head, it’s time to start hunting! As with most entrepreneur tasks, finding your startup tools and software could take a week or a day. It always helps to be pointed in the right direction and at truCrowd that is one of our most favorite things to do. Please enjoy our list of categorized startup tools and software for any equity crowdfunding startup:

*sources include Inc.com and techfaster.com

Domain and Website Management

Domain.com – Domains and hosting. One of the more recognized domain buying and hosting sites.
GoDaddy – Another excellent domain site. Very affordable for smaller dynamic and static sites.
NameCheap – Registration, hosting, transfers, and many domain management tools

Building Websites

Squarespace – Visual site builder with good themes and integrations with stores and newsletters.
Strikingly – Simple site builder for single-page sites including manifestos or landing pages.
Shopify – Popular site for ecommerce and online stores.
Themeforest – Great for custom needs. Start by buying a $30 theme and let the editing begin.

Website Hosting

GoDaddy – Get your domain name and host your website in one shot.
Rackspace – The industry standard.
WP Engine – One of the best WordPress hosts there is.
Amazon Web Services – Hulu, Netflix, Reddit, and countless others use AWS.
A Small Orange – Super cheap and reliable.


startup software google analytics  Google Analytics – Free and good enough for all your analytics needs
Google Keyword Planner – See how many people are searching relevant terms
Facebook Ads – Compare the approximate size and location of various interests and demographics.

Learn to Code

Codecademy – FREE – interactive code tutorials.
Khan Academy – FREE – Tons of coding tutorials and classes.
PHPmaster – FREE – PHP tutorials and discussions.
CodeAvenger – FREE – HTML/CSS and JavaScript for beginners-intermediate.
Tizag – FREE – Simple tutorials and cheat sheets for html, css, and php.

Talking to Customers

Intercom – Tasteful chat and help widgets for your site as well as good automated email triggers.
Drip – Email courses and signup widgets for your website.
Mailchimp – Newsletters and decent signup widgets.
Buffer – A much easier way to run all your social media accounts from one spot.


Square – Accept cc payments with your phone. Perfect for food trucks and other on-site vendors.
Stripe – One of the top online payment processing companies.

Team Collaboration

Slack – Chat and message to reduce internal email load. Very popular.
Github – Repository for your source code plus task lists and collaboration with your developers.
Dropbox – All company files should be here, not on email attachments or personal folders
Streak – Simple CRM plugin for Gmail to manage and share your sales leads
Basecamp – Great for project management with both internal and external teams.

There are many other startup tools and software you will need in the beginning, but we don’t want to overwhelm you with information. Once you start browsing these companies you will start to get a feel for who the top companies are in each industry and make your own decisions. Every equity crowdfunding startup should be prepared for its inevitable success, start doing your research today.

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