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Equity Crowdfunding Startup Tools and Software Recommendations

Apps, Software and other Resources for Crowdfunding Startups Starting a business from scratch is no easy task. When you start a job as a new hire, all of the particulars are in place and waiting for you. When you’re an

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Texas Crowdfunding Seminar Scheduled for 2/11 in Austin

Texas Equity Crowdfunding Leaders to Speak on Rules As the excitement for Texas equity crowdfunding grows, the Texas Crowdfunding Network plans to host its first seminar two weeks from today on Wednesday, February 11th in Austin. The event will take place at

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How to Write a Business Plan Ch.4: Industry, Marketing

The Final Chapters of Your Business Plan Hello again and we hope you were able to understand and fully digest our last article regarding The Product & Service section of your business plan. To save time and get back to

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How to Write a Business Plan – Ch.3: Product and Services

What to Include in Your Products and Services Section Hello again and welcome to the next segment of our blog series – Product and Services. In the last chapter we talked about your management team and how important it is

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How to Write a Business Plan – Ch.2: Management Team

Tips to Master the Management Team Section of Your Business Plan Welcome back and we hope you learned a lot from our first blog discussing how to write an executive summary. Today’s article will be the first installment of the

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How to Write a Business Plan – Ch.1: Executive Summary  

Advice on How to Write an Executive Summary The life of an entrepreneur certainly has its rewarding moments. The day that you decided to “stop playing it safe” and follow your dreams, the first team meeting with your employees, there

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Massachusetts Intrastate Crowdfunding Now Legal

Emergency Crowdfunding Exemption Starts Immediately First off, we would like to wish you all a happy and blessed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. As of last Thursday, January 15th, Massachusetts became the most recent state to adopt is own crowdfunding exemption. Secretary

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Weird and Awesome Crowdfunding Campaigns That Got Funded

Weird, Awesome or Both – You Be the Judge When it comes to weird and awesome crowdfunding campaigns, they are usually only good for a laugh. These campaigns are fun to glance over for a few seconds but then you

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3 Tips for a Successful Equity Crowdfunding Video

How to Make a Crowdfunding Video that Works After a victory in sports, you often hear the commentators discuss the “Keys to Success.” The topics can range from player preparation to expert coaching to technology or equipment that provided the

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8 Equity Crowdfunding Questions Answered  

Ownership, ROI and Follow-up Answers for Equity Crowdfunding Investors Throughout the past six months we have shared various informative articles to help educate our followers. Blogs on questions crowdfunding investors should ask issuers and equity offering Q&A for entrepreneurs have

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