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Heating a Church, Dreams of Parenthood and Game of Thrones

crowdfunding campaign for goodA few weeks ago we shared a blog featuring 10 crowdfunding campaigns that change lives. In this blog we covered a variety of charitable crowdfunding campaigns that help change lives for the better. These campaigns display crowdfunding at its finest – strangers donating to strangers who cannot provide for themselves. It is always fun to discuss the power and goodwill of crowdfunding whenever you find a great example.

In today’s blog we will share three more stories of feel good crowdfunding campaigns. Although we are an equity crowdfunding portal at truCrowd, we closely follow all aspects of domestic and international crowdfunding. We are fascinated by the influence crowdfunding has on both business and humanitarian efforts and enjoy sharing them with all of you. If you caught “Game of Thrones” in the header, don’t worry, it will all make sense once the blog is over.

Here are a few more feel good crowdfunding campaigns to brighten your day:

Crowdfunding for Heat

In the Midwest we are currently enduring January-like temperatures in mid-November (insert warmer climate jokes here.). Air conditioning may be a luxury in the summer, but heat in the winter is a necessity to survive. Organizations such as churches, who rely on donations, encounter a serious dilemma when their boiler stops functioning. Such is the case for a deprived parish in Milwaukee, but thanks to their community, a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for heat is close to keeping their spirits and bodies warm.

The Redeemer Lutheran Church next to Marquette University has received donations from church members, old friends, nonprofits and people of many faiths. In fact, the first donation of $5 was from a homeless man. As of November 18th their Redeemer boiler crowdfunding campaign has raised more than $48,000 of the $60,000 goal. The new boiler was delivered last Wednesday and workers have already began the installation process. In total, the new system with installation will cost more than $82,000, but anonymous donations ranging from $1 to thousands of dollars, as well as a $10,200 boost from the Siebert Lutheran Foundation, has kept the fire burning for this good cause.

Rev. Lisa Bates-Froiland offered these statements:

“It’s been absolutely amazing. (The amount of donations) just says to me that people’s hearts tend to be compassionate. And once they connect with the kind of ministry that happens here, they open their hearts and their wallets.”

Crowdfunding for Baby

For Nick and Stephanie Fattal of Seattle, Washington, the hope of one day starting a family was playfully discussed on their first date. After getting married several years later, the couple tried for almost a year before visiting a doctor and receiving unfortunate news – they had a 3-5% chance of conceiving naturally. The doctor told them their best chances at having a baby of their own was in vitro fertilization (IVF), a procedure many people have heard of. However, what people might not have heard was the price tag. In the Fattal’s case, even with Nick’s military discount, the treatment would cost close to $10,000.

As of November 18th, the Fattal Family Baby crowdfunding campaign has raised $1,900 of its $2,000 goal. According to a Seattle Times article, “there are at least 50 pages created by Seattle-area residents trying to raise money to help with the creation or adoption of a child.” The article also states one couple raised $13,000 for IVF treatments, surgery and six months of missed work and another has raised $2,785 in hopes to adopt a boy from South Korea. The gift of life is truly a gift and one many people take for granted. Seeing these crowdfunding for baby campaigns succeed is another glowing example of the magnificence of crowdfunding and the generosity of perfect strangers.

Crowdfunding for Wolves

crowdfunding campaign for wolvesAre there any Game of Thrones fans in the audience? For those of you who are, you will certainly get a kick out of this crowdfunding campaign. If you happen to be unfamiliar the popular fantasy novels “A Song of Fire and Ice” and the HBO adaptation series, no worries. This campaign has real-life beneficiaries in the end. In his novels, author George R.R. Martin created a species of large and intelligent wolves known as “Direwolves.” While they don’t speak, the wolves are certainly characters in their own right and have become a beloved addition to the storyline. Martin’s natural love for wolves led him to help The Food Depot of New Mexico and the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary campaign, which successfully reached its goal of $500,000. How did he help? Well, let’s just say it’s any GOT fan’s dream (or nightmare)  come true. They will be killed in his next novel. 

During a live auction in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Martin auctioned off three in-book deaths for donors who pledged $20,000. The winners have been identified as Facebook’s Dave Goldblatt, Dr. Dave Cotton of Michigan and one woman who wants to remain nameless. Rumor has it the woman wants to name her character after her company to surprise her coworkers. In addition to choosing their character name, each winner will get to decide the type of character they are (lordling, peasant, whore, etc.) and the manner in which they die. Full creative rights still belong to Martin, who is not known for crafting pleasant and painless deaths, but the winners are allowed to at least suggest how their characters meet their demise.

The world of crowdfunding is ever-changing and only for the better. It is amazing to see how many anonymous people are willing to help others in need and want nothing in return. There are literally tens of thousands of charitable crowdfunding campaigns live at this moment. If you feel the urge, simply Google search any term with the phrase “crowdfunding campaign” at the end. You may be surprised at what you find. Disclaimer: Game of Thrones character not included in all campaigns.

Thank you for reading please leave your comments below!

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