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Test Your Equity Crowdfunding Knowledge    

A Crowdfunding Quiz for Future Investors Good Morning, class. Today is a special day because you will all be getting a pop quiz! Well, it may have lost its “pop” since I mentioned it in the header, but you know

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Entrepreneur Advice from Billionaires

Startup Tips from Tycoons and Pioneers Entrepreneur advice from a billionaire usually costs you a stiff entry fee. And let’s be honest, when you become wildly successful in the future, you will charge people to hear your advice, too. But

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How to Select and Develop Crowdfunding Brand Advocates

Turn Devoted Fans into Powerful Marketers Google vs. Apple. Chevy vs. Ford. Coke vs. Pepsi. It’s safe to say we all know someone who is absolutely fanatical about a brand, and you may be one of them. Whether we get

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Bridging Gap Between Crowdfunding Portals and Stock Exchanges

The size of the gap between private and public companies has ebbed and flowed with similar changes in regulation, opportunity and innovation. Unfortunately, the size of the gap can be a detriment to many a small company seeking access to

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Feel Good Crowdfunding Campaigns to Share

Heating a Church, Dreams of Parenthood and Game of Thrones A few weeks ago we shared a blog featuring 10 crowdfunding campaigns that change lives. In this blog we covered a variety of charitable crowdfunding campaigns that help change lives for the

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Startup Advice for Millennial Entrepreneurs

Advice and Insights from Successful Entrepreneurs If you’re between the ages of 18-33 and considering entrepreneurship, put away your cell phone, put down your tablet and listen up. Becoming your own boss and chasing your dream is every disgruntled 20-something’s

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Brand Advocates and Why You Need Them

Find Out How These E-Marketers Can Be Your Secret Weapon Before newspapers were in print, word-of-mouth advertising was the only way to reach an outside market. For example: “Hey Jesse, you got the sturdiest, best-looking horse saddle I done seen.

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My Crowdfunding Campaign Succeeded! What Do I Do Now?

Crowdfunding Tips for Life after Your Campaign After months of campaign preparation and weeks of execution, all of your hard work paid off and your crowdfunding campaign reached its target! You knew it was going to be a long, arduous

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ATEC Crowdfunding Month Begins at University of Texas in Dallas

Crowdfunding Event Runs from November 6th to December 5th With the news of Texas intrastate crowdfunding fresh on the minds of the crowdfunding world, the Arts & Technology Program (ATEC) at the University of Texas in Dallas (UTD) have launched a

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Filing Eligibility for Texas Intrastate Crowdfunding

Are You Eligible to File for Texas Crowdfunding? If you live in Texas and want to raise capital through equity crowdfunding, your opportunity is fast approaching. We all know the Texas State Securities Board unanimously voted to allow intrastate crowdfunding, but

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