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Global Crowdfunding Industry Raises $2M Every Day

Amazing Worldwide Crowdfunding Statistics If you were asked how much the global crowdfunding industry raised every day, and you didn’t see the title of my blog already, how much would you guess? There certainly are a lot of variables to

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What the Best Equity Crowdfunding Sites Offer You

“What’s in it for me?” A lot of the products we buy are in a competitive market. When confronted with several choices it is natural to think of who will benefit #1 the most. After all, you are paying money

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Food Industry CEO Hopeful of Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

Accessibility and Innovation Offer Promise Although many people think of tech startups when they think of equity crowdfunding platforms, the truth is nearly any company can host an offering. Some platforms may be industry specific, but the majority of them

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Predictions for the Future of Crowdfunding

Experts Discuss Crowdfunding’s Future As the calendar turns to October 1st, 2014, American equity crowdfunding constituents can gloomily add another month to the long overdue enactment of Title III. Faith and positivity remain high, however, mainly due to the overwhelming

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