The City of Big Startups:  Part 3

Today’s Featured Company: Advanced Security Group

Advanced Safety Group, Inc. Parents are naturally protective of their children. From baby-proofing the house to putting training wheels on their child’s bike, they want to control or eliminate the risk of injury. When children participate in sports, this risk is heightened and ultimately out of their control. But what if the child gets hurt and has allergies or medical conditions no one is aware of?

This fear is always in the back of a parent’s mind, but the uneasinesscan be calmed if proper procedures are in place to give first responders the information they need.

The next company I decided to feature in“The City of Big Startups” blog series was created to bridge the gap between first responders and your injured child: Advanced Safety Group, Inc.

Advanced Safety Group was founded in 2014 by Matt Schipper and Pete Bekas. ASG’s core service offering is a platform to provide medical professionals such as EMS with critical medical information about an athlete in the event they require medical attention. The first product they launched, Cheer Guard, focuses specifically on cheerleaders.

Cheer Guard works like this:

  1. Cheer GuardGo online and sign up for a Cheer Guard account.
  2. Enroll your child by entering their Name, Date of Birth, Emergency Contacts, Medication, Allergies and a few other pieces of information.
  3. Attach the shoe tag to your athlete’s shoe and bag tag to their gym bag.
  4. If something happens, medical professionals will text/call the emergency contact and access the critical information on your athlete’s Cheer Guard profile.

When asked about their 5-Year Plan and raising capital, Vice President Pete Bekas offered this statement:

 “ASG’s 5-year plan is to expand from the launch of focusing on just cheerleaders to all athletes across the US. Advanced Safety Group has not raised capital yet, (but we are) looking to raise capital to support the marketing campaigns and ability to scale the roll out to cheer gyms and other large scale athletic groups.”

Bekas also says they are familiar with crowdfunding and are optimistic about the possibilities of equity crowdfunding:

 “Advanced Safety Group is aware of crowdfunding. The founders have raised money in the past using crowdfunding; however it wasn’t through a portal. We believe that utilizing a portal such as truCrowd will provide a wider range of investors.”

And finally, when asked about their favorite thing about being a startup in Chicago, Bekas highlighted the growing and supportive community in the Windy City:

 “The Chicago startup community has continued to grow over the last 10 years and now offers so many resources that have only been available in places like San Francisco.  Locations such as 1871 offer an invaluable place to collaborate with other startups. Additionally, Chicago has great entrepreneurs who are willing to provide their insights about how they became successful.”

 Schipper and Bekas have created a product to satisfy an ever-present demand, and when it comes to the safety of their children, parents will certainly do whatever it takes.

Thanks again for reading and stay tuned for the next segment of “The City of Big Startups.”

Here are some links for more information on Advanced Safety Group and Cheer Guard:

ASG website:

Cheer Guard website:

Cheer Guard promo video:

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