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What is an Equity Crowdfunding Platform?

A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Investors Equity crowdfunding platforms, also known as equity crowdfunding portals, will literally be the platform for success for many entrepreneurs and investors. With Title III of the JOBS Act still waiting to be enacted, many

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Equity Crowdfunding in Wisconsin Hosts First Offering

MobCraft Beer is First Business to Launch Campaign As of Wednesday, September 24th, 2014, intrastate equity crowdfunding in Wisconsin is officially underway. The Madison microbrewery MobCraft Beer, in conjunction with Monona State Bank and CraftFund, is now accepting pledges online from

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Wisdom of the Entrepreneur

Investors Pay Close Attention Much has been said about “the wisdom of the crowds”, but what about entrepreneurs? A common misconception of an entrepreneur is a risk-taker who is gambling their career on a product or service. What people don’t understand

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Think You’re Cut Out for Running a Startup? Take This Short Quiz

You Must Score 100% to Qualify There is no denying the steady rise in entrepreneurship in the United States and around the world. Fueled by technology and cultural developments, this movement has generated a variety of products and companies that have

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How Much Money Does My Startup Need?

A Guide to Evaluate How Much Capital to Raise When it comes to critical decision-making, evaluating how much capital to raise is one of the toughest for entrepreneurs. Raise too little and your company won’t have enough money to reach

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Leverage the Sources of an Equity Crowdfunding Portal

How Portal Services Can Refine Your Equity Offering By Michael Ibberson of CrowdClan, a leading resource within the Crowdfunding industry. Equity crowdfunding campaigns face boundless rules and regulations. Compliancy in procedure and method, then, is crucial for the success of

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The City of Big Startups:  Part 3

Today’s Featured Company: Advanced Security Group Parents are naturally protective of their children. From baby-proofing the house to putting training wheels on their child’s bike, they want to control or eliminate the risk of injury. When children participate in sports, this

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Base Filing Requirements for Equity Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs

Information Entrepreneurs Must Provide to List an Equity Offering “It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow.” – Aesop. There are dozens of great quotes emphasizing the importance of preparing for tomorrow, and for good reason –

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The City of Big Startups: Part 2

Today’s Featured Company: DrinkFly Have you ever opened the fridge and felt the overwhelming disappointment of only having one beer left? How about hosting a wine party and the stock is draining faster than expected but you can’t make a

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The City of Big Startups: A Blog Series on Chicago Startups

Today’s Featured Company: GoReturnMe There is no doubt that Chicago’s startup scene is on fire. Once referred to as a “flyover city” for all the coastal venture capitalists, O’Hare and Midway are now destinations for many of the big firms. The world

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