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Investing Quotes from Past and Present Legends

Tips and Advice from Financial Icons In the financial world, paying attention to quality investment advice can literally pay off. There is no magic formula or secret manual to give you a 100% success rate, but you can improve your

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The Importance of Building a Strong Crowdfunding Team

The following is a guest post from Aaron Djekic CEO of CrowdClan, an industry leading crowdfunding resource. Djekic discusses the importance of building a strong crowdfunding team. Many think of crowdfunding as a solo activity – a single visionary launches

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Free Small Business Support for Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs

Research and Bookmark these Websites Immediately There are a lot of reasons to be excited about entrepreneurship in the 21st century. The American entrepreneurial spirit is on fire right now and everyone seems to be working together to fan the

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Dear SEC: You are 500 Days Late on Equity Crowdfunding

The Innovation Caucus Sounds Off on Title III Enactment Equity crowdfunding portals and enthusiasts across the country have grown increasingly impatient with the SEC and their inability to enact Title III. In fact, 13 states have already passed or will

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Texas to Become 13th Crowdfunding State

Texas will be the Largest Crowdfunding State in America Although the Texas State Securities Board is still in the final rule-making process, Texas is primed to become the 13th state to allow intrastate crowdfunding.  Experts predict a vote in late

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Equity Offering Q&A for Entrepreneurs

truCrowd Answers Your Equity Offering Questions As the SEC continues to fine-tune Title III of the JOBS Act, entrepreneurs across the country are busy preparing themselves for its arrival. Or at least they should be. At truCrowd we are putting

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Business Plan Advice from the SBA

Learn Business Plan Tips from the Experts Business plans are crucially important to the success of your company – especially in the online crowdfunding realm. This is your one chance to clearly explain the current state and future projections of

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5 Facts Every Entrepreneur Must Understand about Equity Crowdfunding

Important Equity Crowdfunding Facts for Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs have a lot to learn to be fully prepared for equity crowdfunding. At truCrowd we are currently working on a series of educational whiteboard videos to help both issuers and investors make smart

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