Social Media Tips for Equity Crowdfunding

Valuable Social Media Advice for Entrepreneurs

social media tips for crowdfundingWhen executed properly, social media campaigns have the power to quickly turn a no-name company into a household name. Clever phrasing and imagery go a long way, but interaction with commenters is a major component as well. There is literally no faster and more intimate way to communicate with your audience than through social media. Your Twitter/Facebook/Google+/LinkedIn/Pinterest page is one degree of separation, and unlike a phone call or private email, your interaction will be viewed by everyone*. The ability to reach your audience in seconds has changed the customer relations game forever, so the question is – could you use some social media tips for equity crowdfunding?

A couple of weeks ago we asked you if you were prepared for crowdfund investing. One of the topics we briefed was social media, so today we are going to dig a little deeper into the subject. Your behavior on social media will play an enormous role in your equity crowdfunding campaign. In addition to the content and tone of routine posts, your interaction on message boards will expose the personality of your company.  Anyone can draft an appealing business plan to make their company sound great, but it’s the day in, day out discussions that people will remember and share with the click of a button. After all, your company logo should be the icon used on your page so representing your brand in a positive light is not a maybe – it’s a must.

Here are four social media tips for equity crowdfunding:

1.)    Be Active – It’s no secret that the most successful social media campaigns are often the busiest. By posting several times a day, you are creating expectation from your audience and they will look for your posts as they browse their feed periodically. Build a weekly schedule and be sure to stick to it. Also, don’t be afraid to throw in a funny or interesting off-topic article if you think your audience will like it. The realness will pay off.

2.)    Ask for Feedback – Social media is a direct tap into the lives and psyche of your customers. If you need a new way to test a product or service, why not ask your audience? After all, they will be the ones buying it from you. If you are stuck  between two colors for a shoe or need flavor ideas for a snack, see what your audience has to say. In reality, they are telling you what they want, so if the majority leans one way you know you have a winner.

crowdfunding social media3.)    Assign the Best Employee* – You would never put the moodiest employee at your reception desk, would you? Definitely not. So when it comes to social media, you must understand it is your company’s reception desk to the internet. Whoever is in charge of your account must be trained and skilled in all aspects of social media. Hiring a social media specialist is your best option.

4.)    Don’t Argue*  – This piece of advice goes hand-in-hand with #3, but it’s not always the hothead who gets into heated online arguments. First and foremost, you must remember this is your company account. Although “don’t feed the trolls” should be an obvious social media tip for equity crowdfunding, you might be surprised at how many companies go back and forth with customers. And do so with their entire list of followers watching. To avoid an argument altogether, created canned responses and copy/paste them into instigative or accusatory posts on your social media. Taking the high road is the only road you should consider here.

The difference between a successful social media account and the biggest social media fails of 2013 is simple planning and execution. Be active, don’t be afraid to ask questions, make sure the employee running your accounts is qualified and ignore the jerks and naysayers. A simple click of the “Submit” at the wrong time can sink your ship fast. Heed my advice and put some wind in your sails instead.

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