Welcome To The New Era Of Crowdfunding!

For the first time ever, the business world is getting ready to take a quantum leap into the future by opening its gates to equity crowdfunding. Non-accredited investors – virtually anyone – will have the opportunity to fund an emerging business in exchange for equity. As we excitedly await for Title III of the JOBS Act to be fully implemented, we, here at truCrowd would like to invite you come aboard this amazing experience.

era of equity crowdfunding

Equity-based funding breaks down nearly all barriers between companies and investors. Both parts get to unite their strengths and pull their resources together (money, competencies, expertise) in one common objective: making the business thrive. They possess the revolutionizing possibility to create together, support, and share with each other the success of a prosperous business. truCrowd believes that this unprecedented opportunity will rock the business world. Are you ready to rock with it?


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