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Welcome To The New Era Of Crowdfunding!

For the first time ever, the business world is getting ready to take a quantum leap into the future by opening its gates to equity crowdfunding. Non-accredited investors – virtually anyone – will have the opportunity to fund an emerging

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truCrowd and Zacks CF Research announce Strategic Alliance

In effort to make equity crowdfunding successful for both issuers and investors, funding portal truCrowd partners with Zacks CF Research to provide issuers with independent, unbiased valuation reports. truCrowd, Inc. and Zacks CF Research announced today that they have partnered up to bring

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Is Traditional Crowdfunding Dead?

9,522 people that put money in Oculus Rift might think so Crowdfunding as we know might be dead. The acquisition of Oculus Rift for two billion dollars magnifies what is not right with traditional crowdfunding. Two popular platforms, Kickstarter and

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